Please see below weekly reflections. 


Wednesday 10th June​

The image on the left is a still from an Original Series episode called “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.” It tells of two aliens, Bele (Frank Gorshin - left) and Lokai (Lou Antonio - right) and their ingrained mutual loathing of one another.


Sunday 7th June

‘It has been presumed that the fundamental problem of human existence is mortality’

So says Sam Wells in his book, The Nazareth Manfesto. He goes on to say that the great strivings of modern life have been about overcoming physical limitations and pushing back the boundaries of mortality.

made in the image of god

Thursday 4th June 

I am not sure who originally used the phrase, a picture paints a thousand words. I read somewhere that it was popularised in the 1920’s as part of an insight into advertising campaigns.


Sunday 31st March

The promised gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost is rightly a big thing in Christian history and celebrated annually. Yet the account of gift given and received takes just four verses – one can sing (appropriately) ‘Happy Birthday’ in roughly the time it takes to read them…

the lord is a strong tower

Wednesday 27th May

We are daily reminded of the need to keep safe and to be safe if we need to go outside or go somewhere. We have a good idea of what that means – masks, distancing, hand washing etc – in practice even as the longer the lockdown continues the more frustrating it has or can become…

A reflection for the
7th Sunday of EasteR

Sunday 24th May

Imagine having someone you loved dearly and who loved you even more. But you never spoke to them and you never allowed them to speak to you because you were so worried about what to say and when to say it or how to say it.

A reflection for the
6th Sunday of EasteR

Sunday 17th May

Today is the Sixth Sunday of Easter and Jesus was soon going to leave his disciples, but he would also remain with them… How?