About us



We want to encourage the spirituality of all our members, to bring them to know Jesus, to be confident in their faith and worship, to be prayerful and spiritual with a strong faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and for them to feel valued and yet challenged.


We wish to be a Christian influence in the parish, welcoming people and being a welcoming place for the community, seeking to work with other churches in the neighbourhood, and to work with those outside our church family.

Rev Mandy Young



Rev Mandy Young
Olga Garner

Reader and Churchwarden


Who's who

At St Alban's there are a number of people with special responsibilities that help make the place function and flourish. The people mentioned below are just a few of those who help in running St Alban's Church on a day to day basis.

Rev Mandy Young | Priest-in-Charge

Rev Karen Nelson | Associate Priest

Olga Garner | Reader and Church Warden

Deborah Westerby | Deanery Synod Representative, Safeguarding Officer, Electoral Roll Officer, Church Warden

PCC Members

Rev Mandy Young

Rev Karen Nelson

Olga Garner

Deborah Westerby

Corrine Lawson

Segum Abraham